SportMate is a mobile sports results and news application providing a wide range of international fixtures and a high level of statistical data.


With such a rich catalogue of data, the challenge here was to provide the user with enough information surrounding a match, team or news story, without needing to contend with deep navigation structures. We strived for a highly personalised experience, providing tailored content throughout the app based on the user’s favourite countries, leagues and teams.

Onboarding Process

To introduce users to the features and interactions found within the app. It was important to keep focus on core functionality and keep steps to a minimum, ensuring all information provided at this stage was both digestible and valuable.

Match Statistics

Ensuing an engaging product meant making effective use of the data feeds we could tap into. We broke down match statistics into clear data visualisations to provide high level information at a glance.

Social Sharing

One aspect of the app we were looking to push was the ability to instantly share content. The aggregation of news from a variety of sources enabled us to provide users with information of interest, so including a direct means of social sharing from within the app was essential.


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