Paid provides small businesses and freelancers with fast invoice financing, freeing them of the burden of having to chase clients for outstanding payments.

Paid Project Setup Payment Sample


The Paid team were looking to optimise the core user journeys within their web app, as well as being in need of an update to their visual design direction as they were gaining traction in the market.

I worked closely with the founder and engineering team to understand their goals and current capabilities, and redesigned the project setup flow and the main dashboard. I also established a system of reusable components to help them roll out the design refresh across the entire app.

Design System

To ensure consistency in the product experience, as well as to provide the team with a library of components for reference going forward, the Paid design system was delivered. Figma was used to house all design assets and screen layouts for this project, mainly due to the advanced support for component management and the ability to easily share progress and collaborate.

Paid Design System Sample

Project Setup

Initial customer feedback indicated the process of setting up a new project was cumbersome. My objective was to break down the process into easy to digest steps whilst ensuring all relevant information was captured to build up the contract details.

Paid Project Setup Requirements Sample

Paid Project Setup Payment Sample


Both the suppliers and clients accessing the platform required a centralised hub to get an understanding of their project progress at a glance. One use case that needed addressing however was the onboarding process.

Paid Dashboard Sample

I proposed the approach of using a chart visualisation to indicate what the user needed to do next, as well as the steps already completed to give people a sense of accomplishment, nudging them along the process. Clear visualisations coupled with motivational copy and positive iconography proved to be the direction needed to encourage users to complete the steps required and start getting the most out of the platform.

To tap into that sense of accomplishment, we opted to start people off on 25% completion after their first time logging in, adding to that sense of achievement with minimal effort from the user.

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