Howdee is an anonymous candidate assessment platform for recruiters and teams. The product aims to encourage equality during the hiring process by removing personal information, leaving you to focus on the skills of an individual without biases.


With the product beta progressing, the Howdee team were in need of a marketing website to provide insight into the capabilities and experience people should expect to receive once signed up.

A Warm Welcome

It was crucial to ensure an approachable tone right from the get go. The use of clear intro copy that gets to the core of the value proposition whilst using welcoming language, coupled with the playful brand imagery helped contribute towards achieving this.

Leading the audience down the page, the company mission is followed by the steps involved during the recruitment process, focusing on how simple Howdee makes it. The continuation of the visual aesthetic aims to keep the offering approachable whilst solidifying the brand message.

Product Tour

Whilst researching the approach we take to communicating the benefits of Howdee, the most commonly raised question from prospecting clients was:

“You talk about Howdee and an anonymous process, how does that work in practice?”.

It was essential to make sure we could summarise how the product works in a short series of steps, whilst keeping the audience engaged. With the aim of ensuring each visual element on the page served a purpose, I coupled the copy with visual cues that would guide the user down the page.

With many consumers preferring to engage with video content, we lead with a CTA to launch the marketing video as an additional route to understand the product workflow and capabilities.

Delightful Interactions

To further embed the playfulness of the brand, I explored various microinteractions with the aim to provide elements of delight as the audience is navigating through the content.

Through rapid prototyping using Framer and Principle, I was able to effectively communicate the flow of interactivity for individual components.

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