BetterAgent provide an online estate agent comparison service. They also provide approved guides and resources to help make the process of moving home as smooth as possible.



When looking to make an informed decision, users should be given enough information to do so, but no more. Being mindful of how content surrounding provider details would be consumed, we looked to break down the information and surface short bursts of data in a combination of digestible formats.


Mapping the journey

Defining the core user flow required a solid understanding of all potential entry points to the comparison search results. While the homepage postcode lookup may be a primary touch point for users looking to fulfil their goal, in reality, there is scope for many more routes to landing on the results page. Consideration for alternate entry points means taking into account various initiatives including email campaigns and search engine marketing, as well organic user behaviour.


Search results

Providing a clear result set was a key consideration given the variety of information returned with each quote. Through sketching and wireframing various patterns, the card approach held up as a durable and reusable component to house groups of information, whilst presenting the user with enough detail to make an informed decision.


Optimising the journeys for mobile devices meant keeping the UI centred around the content, helping to remove distraction from the browsing experience. Reinforcing affordances surrounding the key actions within the listing view would enable the user to become familiar with the interaction patterns used to navigate the content.


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